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AutoClean is composed of several components which implement a particular function or feature. These components use a particular technology or employ a principle for its functioning.


Vacuum – A compact and powerful motor is used to create suction force for vacuuming.

Rotary brush
– A longitudinal rotary brush is used for scrub the floor and its rotary movement throws the dust and particles into the dust collection bin.

Side brush
– Rotating side brush allows the dust from the wall edges and corners to be thrown towards the centre to be brushed and sucked into the dustbin.


Motion and direction control –
Good number of sensors along with components for motion and direction control make AutoClean a robotic unit which can be applied for household and domestic needs.

AutoNavigation –
The motion and direction control coupled with built-in intelligence allows the AutoClean to be an unmanned, self navigating robotic unit. This allows the unit to navigate around obstacles, find ways to get out of corners, highlight conditions for human intervention.

Collision detection
– Micro-switches and bumpers are used to detect collision, take a reverse and move around or in a different direction.

IR sensing – Infrared transmitters and sensors are used for obstacle detection in the forward direction. These are also used for staircase avoidance, detection and docking on the charging station.

Virtual Wall – Using IR transmitter a virtual wall is created which is detected by the AutoClean unit and the unit does not cross the straight line path of the IR transmitter.


Ultra-violet light
–The UV light is used for disinfection while AutoClean cleans, which kills the germs and micro-organisms.


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