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  • Solar Power

    Solar Photovoltaic panels convert the sunlight to electrical energy thus providing solar based power. Solar panel consists of an array of solar cells assembled together. Solar cell is made of mono or poly crystalline silicon wafer.

  • Data collection

    Data on various parameters, their levels, their availability are collected from a bunch of sensors sensing the parameters and providing a measurable entity to the Analog to Digital converter (ADC). The ADC then provides a digital value to the controller which processes the digital value to get the actual value of the parameter being measured.

  • Prediction

    SunTap firmware consists of various algorithms for prediction. The prediction engine analyses the data collected on the various parameters. The data analysis provides the prediction engine useful information on load shedding, peak load consumption. The data collected over a period of time provides trends on the availability and usage patterns, which is used to make the prediction and force the SunTap to work in a mode which will provide maximum savings or maximum backup as per the user needs.

  • Controller

    SunTap is powered using a AVR 8-bit microcontroller. Several peripherals provided with the microcontroller are used to implement the functions and features. Several device are interfaced with the controller such as like UART, SD/MMC card, RTC, EEPROM, Key switches, LCD, LEDs, analog sensors, etc.


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