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     Easy to Install:

SUNTap integrates easily with any home inverter system. You have to install solar panels and connect it to SUNTap. It requires minimal re-wiring as sits on top / by side of the inverter box and is easy to train any electrician in installing SUNTap.

     Solar Charging:

SunTap charges the battery from the available Solar power during the daytime, supplied by the Solar Photovoltaic panels. India is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year with daily sunlight available for 7 – 10 hours. The user can decide the number of panels which he can afford with the SunTap system, thus enabling to start using Solar power at an affordable rate. The system is modular and the user can add more Solar panels at a later date when he can afford more.


Energy Management

SUNTap has an Intelligent energy manager which continuously builds data on the power consumption, electricity availability and solar availability patterns. Along with self learning fuzzy logic to optimize on savings or backup time, it can provide savings on electricity bills by not using mains power for as much time as possible. It has a specific mode for areas having large power outages ( rural areas 6 – 18 hours ) to preserve the battery charge for use during peak hours. With SunTap it is feasible to enhance backup capacity to 8 - 12 hours. SunTap increases battery life since it regularly exercises the charge – discharge cycles, and thus provides additional savings. The user can also get rebates on their property tax (in notified areas) due to generation and use of solar power.

    Modes of SUNTap

SunTap’s default mode is to use the Solar power for battery charging and use the charge stored in the batteries to provide savings to the user. The user has the option to switch off SunTap and let the inverter can work as normal. The mode is predicted and switched by the energy manager control based on the data collected.

  Data collection and Prediction Engine

The Energy manager relies on the data collected and the prediction engine to determine the operating mode for SunTap. The data is collected for various parameters like Solar Power availability and power level available during the daytime. The battery charge level is also monitored. The consumption of power on the load side is also gathered periodically. The prediction engine has various algorithms to predict the mode of operation. A Simple algorithm based on time is available, and a more complex algorithm which analyses the data for the past duration and make a prediction.
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