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SociaLight sustainable business model

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Socialight Business Model

Burgeon Systems will work together with an NGO to set up this framework of SociaLight. The NGO’s adopted community will be trained for the know-how of making the solar lantern. The community will be trained also in the charging, use, re-charging, repair and maintenance of the solar lantern. Burgeon Systems will provide the community with the required electronic and other raw components for the manufacture.

The NGO helps the adopted community find donors to fund the cost of the components for the solar lantern and set up the training and production process in the community and also liaisons with the government to get the required grants and incentives for the project.

The community now gets their own Solar lanterns which are produced locally, repaired and maintained locally thus sustaining the use of Solar lantern for the rest of their lives.


  1. Provides sustainable mode for rural lighting
  2. Provides a model where rural entrepreneurship can created and sustained
  3. Model which allows local community participation for production, consumption and maintenance locally
  4. Social Responsibility activities done using this model can create sustained value for both community and the donors


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