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     Staircase avoidance

        AutoClean has sensors to detect staircases and steps and it retracts to avoid falling         down.   You need not worry when AutoClean is cleaning your room upstairs or dining         table.


     Spot Mode cleaning

       Spot mode is useful when you want AutoClean to clean a specific area where objects
       have been spilled or is dirty.

       Inbuilt intelligence lets AutoClean clean in spirals with increasing radius to cover a        given spot. It reverses it direction when it faces an obstacle.


   Remote Control

      No electronic gadget is complete without a feature, to allow the user, complete control of      gadget.

     AutoClean comes with a full function remote allowing the user to control the AutoClean      as per their needs.


  Working around the furniture

     Using bumpers and infrared sensors for collision detection AutoClean detects,  
     avoids and   moves around the obstacles like furniture.



     You will be amazed at the amount of dirt and fine dust AutoClean can pick off your floors.      You have to see it to believe it. 

     AutoClean has a bagless dust collector which is easy to remove and empty.


   Diwan Cleaning by the AutoClean Emperor

      AutoClean has low height allowing it to move under the furniture like table, tea poy, divan,       wardrobes and sofas to clean the areas where no broom has reached before.  

      It picks up the dirt like pieces of paper, dust etc using its rotary brush and vacuum.


    Automated Charging

       AutoClean is battery (NiMH) operated which makes it wireless and is Smart enough to      detect when it needs a recharge.

     AutoClean will search for the charging station on its own and dock itself for a recharge.

     No more wires to plug or to remember to charge your vacuum cleaner.

     You can also program AutoClean to start cleaning at specified time each day of the week.


Carpet Cleaning

      AutoClean is well suited for carpeted floors. It moves well on carpets and does a
      wonderful   job of vacuuming the fine dust and killing the dust mites.


Wooden Floor cleaning

     Autoclean is the best cleaning equipment for your wooden floors.

     AutoClean cleans your wooden floor and with its mop attachment can it give a shine by      removing those stubborn layers of dust. Now just keep the damp cloth aside and no      need of instructing people on how to clean wooden floors.

     AutoClean - Earl can be used to wax wooden floors.


Disinfection while cleaning

     Ultraviolet is a known and accepted way to kill germs and micro-organisms.

     AutoClean is equipped with a UV lamp to disinfect the floors while it cleans.

     You can now, smile and be confident when your toddler licks the floors.

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