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   Summary of Skills and Competencies


Embedded – Product Engineering – Services





  Consumer devices


  Industrial Automation

Telematics – Software

Product Engineering – Hardware, Software

Product Engineering – Hardware, Software

Process Control Software, Control and Automation



  Soft Skills Goal oriented, Methodical and Procedural, Excellent Oral and Written Communication, Trouble-shooting, Team playing attitude
  Program Management
Talent Acquisition, Risk Management, Business Target planning and execution, Operating Norms compliance, Setup of ODCs and Vendor compliance audits, Customer Interfacing, Coordination - Delivery, Sales and Customer, Review of Progress and Status, Attrition Management.
  Delivery Project Execution and Management, Multiple projects, Multiple locations, CMMi Process Compliance, Audits, Testing, QA, Risks, Metrics, Trending and Analysis, Tools Usage Customer Interfacing, Customer Satisfaction, Usage of Six Sigma, Lean and Agile, Tools.
  People Management
Escalation handling and resolution, Mentoring, Coaching for Leadership Progression grooming, Performance and Progression review and planning, Team building.
  Technical Hardware – Microprocessor / microcontrollers, Digital circuits, Telecom and Telephony circuits.

Software – RTOS and Windows – Middleware, Device Drivers, BSPs, Application



  Work Areas

  Product development From Concept, to Design, Implementation, Testing, Integration, Documentation, Release and Support, Maintenance.
  Hardware Circuitand PCB Board Design, Component selection, Prototyping, Board and Firmware Integration, Documentation, Integration and Release.
  System Software Firmware, Hardware Interface layers, BSPs, Drivers.
Design, Implementation, Unit and Integration testing, Documentation, Release, Maintenance.
  Software Middleware and Application. Design, Implementation, Unit and Integration testing, Documentation, Release, Maintenance.
  Business Application Web based software (Intranet/Internet), Enterprise software with database connectivity, Information and management systems for various Enterprise applications
  Management Program/Account, Delivery, People/Team
  Business Development Prospecting, Proposals/RFP/RFQ, Orientation to Sales
  Training Programdevelopment and execution, Strategy for BU Re-Skill/Up-Skill of bench
  Consultancy Efficient Software development, Embedded System design, Start-ups



  Platforms MIPS 4300, Intel – 85/X86/8051/Pentium class/XScale, Motorola – 6805 / 68HC11, Zilog - Z80/Z8, Hitachi H8/3257, ARM
  OS Windows 95, NT 4.0, 2000, VISTA, Linux, Solaris, HPUX
  RTOS and Embedded OS pSos, WinCE, VxWorks, Knowledge of Nucleus OS, Embedded Linux, EmBos, VDK for Blackfinn.
  Languages C, C++, Assembly, Tcl, Perl, Visual Basic, Protel

Bluetooth, USB, Wireless, Telecom-Call processing, Mobile Telephony, TDM-PCM Switching, N/W management, SONET, SDH, PDH, CMISE

Protocols / Specifications

RS232, RS485, MF-R2 CCITT Signaling, PSTN CLID Signaling (DTMF), USB 1.1 specifications, PCI 2.2 specifications, I2C, DeviceNet, CAN, Proprietary protocols, Manchester coding/decoding, TCP/IP, UDP,

FEC3 Error correction, MPEG ¾

Tools – Software

Configuration management tools - VSS, CVS, Clearcase

Defect management tools - Bugzilla, Clearquest

Tools for Web collaboration - Wiki and TWiki,

Test management–TestLink, Static Analysis and Unit testing-CppTest

Test tools like WinRunner, SilkTest, Bounds Checker, Tux /Kato test harness for Windows, GUI automation - RFT, SilkTest,

WindRiver IDE and tools, Tornado and WindRiver Workbench, Scope tools (Coverage Scope, Mem Scope), Code Browsing and Navigation tools for reverse engineering like Sniff, Doxygen, Debugging tools like WindRiver Probe and ICE

Windows NT DDK, Windows 95 DDK, Windows Platform SDK, Windows CE debugging tools, Windows NT 4.0 device driver debugging tools like SoftICE, Microsoft Visual Studio

Hardware development tools AMD’s PALASM, OrCAD SDT, PCAD PCB Design, Tasking Cross compilers, GNU tool chains, Simulators

  Tools - Hardware

In-Circuit Emulators, Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Intelligent programmers, Tracking generator, Selective level meter, Bulk call simulator, PCM Analyzers


Cordless telephones, EPABX systems, Voice Guides, Tele-Security systems, CCTV, Caller ID and Feature telephones

Nortel Telecom products – Preside, OC48, OC192, Digital Cross Connect, Long haul, OLTE, OptiMux

Control and Automation of blinds, AC, Fan, Light in Hotel rooms, Wi-Fi Audio communication devices, Video and Audio STB gateways.

Telematics platforms for Automotive, Elevator Controllers and Network Management systems

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